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Srednjogodišnji pregled/Striving 2022

Po administratoru U umjetnosti, vijesti Objavljeno 2022-07-11

The year of 2022 has passed in a blink of an eye. In the past six months, we have worked hand in hand to help each other and made progress together; We will always maintain our enthusiasm and scale new heights. In the journey towards innovation and development, we worked hard and made great achievements to draw footnotes for the first half of the year.


Today, let's look back together-------

1. Make new achievements

Outstanding achievements in the first half of 2022

Sales performance increase by 300% year on year

The cooperation amount of several projects more than 10 million juan

Successful completion and acceptance of several third-class hospital projects

Crossing five continents and cooperation with many overseas countries

A brilliant "mid-year sales performance answer sheet"

2. A new chapter is written on the new journey

In April, the intelligent manufacturing center settled in the industrial park, promoting the brand-new upgrading of Techray manufacturing, opening the prelude to the relocation of the science and Technology Industrial Park, and starting an innovative journey from a new point.

techray factory show1

techray factory show

3. Innovation continues, focusing on oxygen + (new chapter)

Half year of innovation and transcendence

Establishment of Technical Committee

100 + professional qualification and patent technology certification

Continuous breakthroughs and innovations in core technologies.

4. Techray is writing another new chapter

Emerged from more than 4700 national specialized and special new small giant enterprises, Techray has been recognized as a key small giant enterprise by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of thePpeople's Republic of China.

As a leading enterprise in the field of medical and plateau molecular sieve oxygen production equipment, Techray has risen all the way and written glory on the honor list.

5. Techray are also striving to make progress

15 years of deep cultivation in the "oxygen +" industry, Techray has never stopped its pace of development.

Domestic market parallels with foreign market, medical, military, civil, overseas and plateau. 

Product layout: five major markets to start diversified development strategy. 

Changsha, Guiyang, Lhasa and Nanjing

Techray Summit Forum sounded the national tour horn

At the same time of market development, Techray promote its brand reputation rapidly

Opening its new development chapter.

Techray Summit Forum sounded the national tour horn2Techray Summit Forum sounded the national tour horn

Techray Summit Forum sounded the national tour horn1Techray Summit Forum sounded the national tour horn4

Techray Summit Forum sounded the national tour horn3Techray Summit Forum sounded the national tour horn5

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